Shipping Administration

Unity Central offer shipment & handling of any type of tangible items to and from most locations on the planet.

Amongst others, we’ll be handling the following for you:

  • Liaise with the shipment company the timely pick-up and delivery of the goods to meet customer requirements.
  • Negotiate freight costs & book freight forwarders.
  • Ensure that correct shipping documentation is available.
  • Advise customer of dispatch details.
  • Provide shipment Invoicing.
  • Handle all relevant shipment payments in a timely manner.
  • Follow up making sure that the shipment has been correctly received / delivered to the addressee.
  • Liaise by telephone and e-mail if necessary, disclosing shipment details.
  • Query, complaint, financial documentation, shipment documentation and discrepancy handling.
  • Shipment insurance & licence handling if necessary.