Regulation affects all participants in the insurance industry – insurers, reinsurers, intermediaries, investors, lenders, buyers and service providers. Our insurance regulatory lawyers help insurance clients in all of these fields analyse and apply complex and evolving regulations across all levels and jurisdictions. Compliance and regulation do not exist in silos but must be addressed in the larger business contexts in which they are applied. Staying well-informed of emerging issues and trends is critical to providing effective assistance to our clients and we devote considerable resources to this. Insurance regulation is influenced and often defined by a complex mix of regulators and quasi-regulators at all levels. We start with a full appreciation of this complexity and maintain strength across the full spectrum of laws and regulations relevant to our clients’ business.

Our services cover:

Transactions/ corporate

Advising on rules affecting mergers and acquisitions, capital market and other financings, demutualization’s, insurance holding companies, redomestications, restructurings and reinsurance. We also help clients provide required notifications and secure required regulatory approvals.

Day-to-day conduct regulation and regulatory change

Ensuring that businesses understand and are compliant with rules where they operate. This includes following new regulatory developments and advising insurance clients in areas outside insurance regulation, such as data privacy, antitrust, trade sanctions, anti-bribery, anti-money laundering and financial crimes.

Capital and prudential advice

Advising insurance groups on all aspects of regulatory capital and solvency requirements Governance and Risk Frameworks. Critical assessment and advice on corporate governance.

Investigations and enforcement

Assisting clients with investigating and resolving allegations of misconduct in their insurance business – internal investigations and government investigations and enforcement proceedings.