Immigration Policy

Establishing a corporate immigration policy is becoming more and more critical for companies employing foreign nationals around the world.

Frequently, employers and their staff are not prepared for the array of issues that can arise as a result of immigration. We, therefore, support clients in developing a well-rounded immigration policy which is the backbone of any successful global immigration program. Such a policy can help your business by clearly defining the process for your employees to manage their expectations and educate the wider organization in relation to penalties and risks for compliance.

Newland Chase will work with HR teams around the world to understand the specific nature of your business and develop a program that is efficient, consistent and robust.

The benefits of an effective corporate immigration policy include:

  • Peace of mind that your company has carried out the due diligence to ensure compliance with immigration legislation
  • Streamlined processes resulting in faster issuance of immigration documentation
  • Improved communication within the company and clear understanding of expectations from all parts of the business.

From reviewing policies already in place and making recommendations for change, to developing and implementing a complete management policy from scratch, Unity Central will tailor services to your requirements. Once the policy has been developed and finalized, we will also work with you and your employees to ensure that it is communicated effectively throughout the organization and implemented properly.