As rules and regulations continue to tighten up, immigration authorities need an effective means to monitor compliance and enforce these. Whilst to a large extent, compliance will be assessed as part of individual immigration applications, a business’s wider framework for ensuring compliance after the grant of an application will also be subject to additional scrutiny. Often this will take the form of an audit and can be announced or unannounced. It can be difficult for businesses to keep up with the pace of changes to immigration law and policy, let alone to adapt their own internal company processes to accommodate these changes. This is particularly so in the case of larger corporates where any changes to company process may need to undergo a series of approvals before being implemented across the wider business.

Any such incongruences are likely to be picked up by immigration officers at audit and it is, therefore, important to have knowledge of your compliance obligations and identify any areas of risk and non-compliance that may be affecting your business, before working to address these through corrective or pre-emptive actions.

To assist you with the above, we provide the following services:

  • Mock audit of your systems and processes to identify areas of risk and non-compliance
  • Audit of personnel files to identify missing documentation
  • Comprehensive audit reports with recommendations for addressing the above
  • Checklists and materials to support you in this process