Global Immigration

Unity Central offer global immigration management services to large multinationals around the world. The global movement of employees has become an essential part of any business. Companies need to maintain strong systems to manage their immigration, also demonstrating that they are compliant with the law.

The following services are provided to clients:

Strategic Analysis

The global mobility strategy must be created with a high standard as once that decision has been made, it requires strong leadership alongside clear direction to be implemented across the company. The company will receive many benefits when adopting a centralised approach allowing for a full view over company procedures and the ability to control the process more effectively, but this requires substantial buy-in from the wider business. We work with companies to understand your immigration challenges and provide advice and support in developing a strategy that works for your business.

Risk and Compliance

Multinational companies cannot put a price on a spotless reputation with any immigration authority in whatever country you are operating in. With appropriate education and timing, risks should reduce and compliance increase. Undoubtedly it is crucial to take into account the needs of the business when it comes to mobilising assignees, but the downsides of not having sufficient lead-in time are manifold and can ultimately lead to additional expense and non-compliance on the part of the worker and the company. We support companies in implementing a robust compliance system which will help avoid penalties and fines.

Tracking and monitoring

Again, with compliance in mind it is vital that you know who your assignees are, where they are and when their visas expire at any given time. We place a huge emphasis on helping you manage this process and our bespoke IT is the ideal tool to facilitate this, providing secure access, 24/7 to all the pertinent data regarding your assignees.