Business Traveller

Ensuring your staff are able to travel on business where they are needed is key to running an efficient Global business. If you are arranging business travel for your staff, you may need a ‘Business Visa’. Although the process of acquiring a business visa can be shorter, there are still many pitfalls to the applicant. Whether it is the particulars of the local jurisdiction or the track record of the applicant, we can make the requirements simple and overcome any potential obstacles that are identified. We will also give essential guidance on the parameters of what constitutes business travel, as opposed to work, internationally, ensuring compliance does not prejudice your company.

Please take note that although there are intergovernmental agreements that allow business travel without the use of a visa, there are still procedures that need to be observed with which we can provide assistance.

We are used to helping businesses maintain links on a daily basis. We can provide the clarity of advice and streamlining services, that will make your companies business travel efficient even in the most adverse of circumstances.

Services Provided:

  • Initial consultation on the eligibility and requirements for the Visa
  • Advice, even if a visa is not required, on crossing the border on business travel
  • Overview of process, timescales and documents
  • Review of all supporting documentation
  • Assistance in the event of a refusal