Mail & Email

Unity Central will fully handle all incoming electronic and physical mail for you.


Unity Central will make sure that a person or persons will be responsible and accountable to receive mail or packages, proceeding with signing upon reception and disperse the accountable packages throughout your organization in a timely, efficient manner. Verification and tracking of the date and time of delivery as well as of the person responsible for the package’s / mail’s reception will be made and a record kept.
Furthermore, we will make sure that all necessary outgoing mail will be properly prepared and send in a timely manner to the correct addressee. Monitoring of important mail will ensue once posted making sure that the package / envelope has reached the appointed recipient.


Unity Central will be handling the following tasks for you:

  1. Establishment of Email hosting services (if necessary)
  2. Monitoring of the incoming / outgoing server making sure it’s fully operational (if necessary)
  3. Monitoring of incoming Email messages
  4. Prompt processing of insignificant and routine
  5. Prompt distribution of Email messages in need of specific handling to the appropriate recipient
  6. Management and disposal of junk Email
  7. Email progress management
  8. Email filing
  9. Email Back-up
  10. Email signature creation and deployment
  11. Establishment and application of Email Confidentiality
  12. Email clean-up when necessary
  13. Email Policy development
  14. Staff training regarding Email roles and responsibilities