Public relations are one of the most vital parts of marketing as they are responsible for the image an organisation is projecting to the outside world. Through PR, the organisation can reach other organisations or individuals, expand public awareness as well as find out what’s the image is truly projecting to the outside world.

Our PR management, includes the following fields:

Communication Management

Unity Central will make sure that the pre-set communications objectives are consistent with your organization’s overall objectives. As bidirectional communicators, we’ll be getting in touch directly with key publics, relaying the consequential information (with recommendations) to all of the key people within the management team.

Crisis Management

It is said that ‘the best defence is a good offense’. The whole point for a successful organisation is to be ready for any difficulties or unfortunate occurrences that are bound to come up in the future. These have the potential to damage an organisation’s image so damage limitation is always the alpha and omega in such cases. Establishing methods and policies that will be used when something goes wrong and communicating in an efficient as well as sympathetic manner towards the public is of the utmost importance. This includes our pre-set policies and procedures for the distribution of information to employees, media, government and other key publics. We have the skill to turn a negative situation into a promotional one.

Issues Management

Unity Central will swiftly identify problems, issues and trends relevant to the future of your organization and then develop and execute an ingenious plan to deal with them. Of course, this includes the establishment of a public policy regarding matters of concern to your organization.

Relationship Management

Unity Central will identify which publics will be the most beneficial towards your organisation’s goals and proceed with opening communication channels with them. We’ll then establish and implement strategies for building and sustaining mutually beneficial dealings with those publics.

Reputation or Image Management

The key on how an organisation and its products perform, is positive public opinion. We will be making sure that our plans and policies as well as procedures and strategies are implemented in a way that demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to public and social responsibility, ethical behaviour, proper corporate identity and good reputation.

Resource Management

Efficiently managing all PR – related resources, be it human or financial, makes all the difference between a success and a disaster. We’ll be making sure that the correct objectives, plans, budget, as well as the recruitment of the right PR staff for your organisation are correctly set and executed.

Risk Management

As with health-related issues, prevention is always the best cure. We will be constantly monitoring your organisation’s public relations, recognizing areas of potential dangers, taking preventive action, recommending needed changes before dangers and risks turn onto crises.

Strategic Management

Unity Central will be making sure that your organization will be deploying comprehensive policies that are in the best interests of the public and itself. We will be proceeding with making sure we have a deep understanding of the concerns and attitudes of key publics and then relate that to your organization’s managerial, decision-making people.