Unity Central will make sure the following will be clearly defined and pre-set:

1The purpose of your event

The success of an event comes down to the way it was prepared, planned and executed. We will analyse all those little reasons on why you are holding the event, what’s the occasion, what’s the location, what’s the timing, what’s the audience and what’s its purpose. Even a wonderful idea may turn bad if things are not planned properly. We’ll be pre-setting all of the little details up for you, making sure that the event goes smoothly, and its impact is the one we intended.

2Who’s the target audience

Depending on the type of event we’ve decided you’ll be holding based on the type of your organisation and the event’s purpose, we will carefully consider who should be invited to your event. This step is crucial to the success of the event. Will it be foreign investors? Will it be the local press? Will it be government members? Will it be your competitors even? Another important question is, if the event will be a conference, who will be the speakers and what will be their themes? What will be the overall theme of the conference? All these questions will be analysed, and we will come up with the right solution so that the event or conference has a good turnout.

3Getting the word out

Strategic planning is necessary on how to get the word out about your event. Once more, there are multiple ways to do that, but which is the right one? Which is the most cost effective and efficient? Depending on the target audience and the event’s purpose, we will select the best possible way to get the word out. For example, if you are holding a medical event, you can’t just use Facebook to spread the word because that could degrade the value of the event to the medical society. Wisdom and forward thinking is required to see in advance how things will pan out and foresee any unfortunate developments if the wrong tools are used for the job. We are offering a complete selection of advertisement channels that is open for you; form the local media, to international media and press, Social Media, Email marketing, telephone marketing, big banner marketing at major stadiums, airports and main streets, internet marketing and Google marketing; we have the experience and know how to utilise whatever means are deemed necessary for the successful promotion of your event.

4Overall logistics

What will be offered at the event? Will there be food? Will catering be needed? A gala? Music? What about the lighting, the decoration and the staging? How will the participants be organised, where will they park? How will they be arriving? Will they need accommodation? All of the above aspects require thorough planning, organisation and logistics – the safe movement of vast amounts of tangible items and people.

The quality of the event’s organisation will contribute to its success or failure, so this is an important aspect we’ll be making sure it won’t go wrong.

Engaging your attendees at your event You’ve got everything sorted, the location looks perfect and everyone’s arrived safely and in a timely manner. We’ll be making sure that all of the attendees are kept engaged and interested at all times.

This may be achieved in various ways depending on the occasion. It might be done by featuring relevant talks by highly respected speakers, it can be done by organising competitions, activities and games, it might be achieved by organising tours around the facility, it may also be done by organising individual or private presentations through the use of interactive displays conveying the message of the event and educating people around your organisation and its activities in an interactive way. We’ll be also offering the option of utilising the social media to further keep everyone involved.


A good marketing tool is providing your event attendees with a giveaway, a small gift as a token of appreciation for their time, attention and attendance. The giveaway can be connected with the purpose of the event or your organisation. It will serve as a reminder of the event and your services. In any case, we’ll be suggesting what it will be the best option based on the event’s circumstances.

6Media & Questioning

Depending on the type of the event and the type of your organisation and area of expertise, preparing for whatever questions might arise in advance and be ready to answer them publicly is key to the success of the event. For example, a large construction company, might be forced to answer angry environmentalists. A chemical plan will have to answer angry members of the local community that might ‘crash into’ the event. A technology company might be cornered to answer technical questions about a new product launch or details it might not wish to disclose. In any case we’ll be making sure that we will be predicting any negative questioning having the right answers prepared with your staff members. These will be disclosed and shared with everyone qualified and appointed to answer any kind of questions made by the press, individuals or competitors making sure that your organisation receives positive publicity.

7The right team for event

We’ll be making sure that the right people will be handling the event. From the speakers, sound & light operators, and coordinators down to the valets, we’ll be making sure that the event is handled as professionally and as efficiently as possible.

8Document your event

Keeping tabs on what unfolded during the event is quite as important as the event itself. Disclosing detailed information, news, press releases, photographic or video graphic content requires a coordinated acquisition of information. Sharing the event in real time via different media or electing to do so once the event has completed are ways to maximise the impact of the event. Depending on the budget and the purpose of the event, we’ll be making sure that the right people will be documenting it and collect all of the information at the end for further processing and publication via strategically selected media channels, on, or offline.

9Debrief and review

Once the event has been competed, and the ‘dust settled’, we’ll be going over everything with your and our staff, making sure that the next event will be an even greater success, noting high points and any possible low points of the event making sure that any issues are ironed out.