Corporate marketing is the means by which a corporation or organization attracts potential
customers. A corporate marketing team is responsible for determining how to reach the company’s desired customers and determining what kinds of advertising and messaging tactics will appeal to them. Every business, club, political organization, non-profit, uses some form of corporate marketing strategy. The first step in developing corporate marketing campaign is defining the objectives. Who does the company want to reach, and what kinds of messages appeal to this target audience?

Once they’ve identified an objective and who they want to reach, it’s time to brainstorm and think creatively. The corporate marketing department might gather and throw out all their ideas, great or small, outlandish or conservative, for consideration; usually one or two ideas will stand out as more appealing and doable than the others.

Ideas that meet the objectives, target the appropriate market, generate excitement, and meet budget guidelines are then implemented by the corporate marketing team.

Budget considerations are important. It’s great to have the ability to think up an innovative and compelling commercial—but if a company only has enough money for a direct email campaign, the budget must be respected. Thus, a large part of corporate marketing is “internal marketing”—convincing the corporate hierarchy to sign on to new ideas and devote an adequate budget to them.