The Recent Changes to the Cyprus Investment Program

In recent times, the Cyprus Investment Program has proven to be an exceptional tool or weapon against the economic crisis that befell Cyprus and generally all of Europe. It’s become a very popular method in gaining a free travel pass in countries around Europe, it opens new avenues from a business and educational perspective and this has attracted many high net worth individuals, investors and entrepreneurs from around the world. The actual procedure is basic for those who are indeed interested in purchasing Cyprus citizenship but like all other legal matters, the investor will be entitled to follow a set of rules and will be introduced to terms and conditions which need to be abided by.

Changes to the Program

The changes took place on June the 15th, 2018 upon approval of the Council of Ministers.

  • The scheme was renamed from Cyprus Citizenship by Investment to Cyprus Investment Program.
  • A maximum cap has been placed to 700 applications per year to be accepted. This limitation applies only to the main applicants and not their family members.
  • The submitted application examination period in accordance with the Cyprus Investment Program is 6 months.
  • All Cyprus Investment Program applications should be submitted on behalf of the applicant by natural or legal persons who are registered with the Registry of Certified Service Providers. The registrations of new members will be examined and approved by the relevant departments within the Committee of Supervision and Control.
  • A new Code of Conduct has been established in order to maintain and enhance the trust of the applicants and protect the Cyprus Investment Program. The Code of Conduct will be met by all applicants of the Cyprus Investment Program. Also, guidelines have been set for the promotion and advertising of the Cyprus Investment Program.
  • Due diligence will be conducted on the applicant and a report will be issued through an internationally accepted database, these will be required to be submitted with the application of the main applicant and the main applicant’s spouse or parents.
  • In situations where the investment involves the purchase of a property or many properties that are under construction and the Town Planning Permit has not yet been obtained, then the mandatory 3-year period of maintaining the investment will commence on the date the Permit has been issued.
  • Finally, the Minister of Finance is authorized to carry out evaluation studies on the Cyprus Investment Program and its effects on the economy. Revisions can be taken by the Committee of Supervision and Control to improve further the implementation of the Cyprus Investment Program.

Furthermore, investment opportunities have increased substantially and Cyprus has taken important steps to attract foreign investment. To learn more about this scheme be sure to check our service on Cyprus Investment Program.

Corperate Services with the use of Business Growth Strategies

Cooperate Service activities have shown exponential growth over the past few years especially and these seem to be increasing on a yearly basis. The success of these cooperate services is due to specific business growth strategies, very good planning and organising.

Companies or firms that want to improve their fortunes or build their brand, need better and more strategic growth plans. Having an achievable roadmap for growing your company is key and this is done by describing the industries you will be able to serve, the different types of clients you are willing to target, the services you will have available to offer and of course how you will position and develop your brand.

There are many strategies on business growth but below you will find the most frequently used strategies.

  • Increase Market Penetration

This is usually implemented in the consumer product world by selling more product to the consumer group. Basically, you may offer more services to the same client and this has close to no risk at all and doesn’t need introduction to any new products.

  • Development of New Markets

One may proceed with offering existing services to an entirely new market. For example, you offer a specific service to a company or a firm, and you now go and offer the same specific service to an unrelated industry like a government service. Using this strategy is costly in money and resources because you will need to educate your new audience about your services. Obviously you will look at investing in this particular movement but it could prove a waste or you may produce few results.

  • Development of New Services

This strategy can be difficult but it’s not impossible. Developing a completely new service from the one currently offered is done on a day to day basis by many professionals and this is one way services multiply and brands expand. But there could be set backs, like broadening your services may lessen the focus you have on your core expertise or the company could be distracted from other important activities such as business development. You must ensure that the market accepts your company as a provider of that particular service and make sure it doesn’t become a conflict of interest and that it fits with your brand. Your clientele should feel comfortable with your services and be sure about your brand and services.

These features alongside many more, are used in corporate services and assist in making businesses stronger and wealthier, ensuring the progressive and positive development of the brand.

At Unity Central we conduct businesses in a bold manner whilst executing tasks with the most authentic and clearest of plans. The up to date ideas and solutions provided to our clients will always favour innovation and development thus ensuring the clients long term success.

Unity Central can reassure you of its full support in developing your business, your firm and brand with the many cooperate services provided.